What will the NCTC RTP do?

The Nevada County Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update will identify needs and determine priorities for transportation projects in the county for the short-term (ten year) and long-term (twenty year) basis. Providing safety improvements, air quality improvements, and transit opportunities, while reducing regional congestion and travel time, are key focal points of the RTP. To do so, the RTP includes the region’s current characteristics and reflects the latest project planning and funding and planning assumptions. Learn more about the RTP update.

About NCTC

The Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC) is the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Nevada County. The State of California created RTPAs to coordinate transportation planning efforts for local jurisdictions; for NCTC, these jurisdictions are Grass Valley, Nevada City, Truckee, and Nevada County. The mission of the NCTC is to plan, communicate, and coordinate with the citizens and decision makers of Nevada County, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Truckee, and Caltrans to create a balanced regional transportation system. This mission includes administration of regional, state, and federal funding for projects related to roadways, bridges, public transportation services, railways, airports, bicycle facilities, and pedestrian amenities. Learn more about NCTC.

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